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Domain Transfer

Tranfer your existing domain to us and start enjoying TOTAL CONTROL of your domain.


You never know what you are missing until you transfer your domain to us. With our real time access to domain database, you can have a complete control on your domain.


With our unified Control Panel you can:

  1. Update/ modify Domain Contact Information (Email/ Address/ Tel No, etc).
  2. Update/ modify Domain Name Server (DNS) record where your domain is pointed to.
  3. Setup domain forwarding and redirection.
  4. Setup Email forwarding and redirection.
  5. Lock / Unlock your domain to prevent unauthorised transfers.
  6. Enable/ Disable privacy protection.

All of the above are done automatically using our unified Control Panel, and any modifications are submitted in real time and it will be a matter of time that it will be updated in the public WHOIS database.


No more phone call, no more sending email to the so called Domain Administrator. You are the domain owner and start acting like one with us.


On top of that, did we mentioned that our prices is the lowest in the industry? Check out our Domain Transfer prices. Some domain even carry a RM5 transfer-in discounts from our already low price.

Domain Transfer Form

Please enter the domain name that you want to transfer


1. Make sure that you have access to the email address listed as the admin contact for the domain. Our transfer process is email verification based, so if your email address listed for the admin contact is not current, the transfer process will fail.
2. Make sure that your domain is not expired. It is advisable to initiate your tranfer at least 7 days prior to expire date, so there will be enough time to complete the process.
3. All .info, .us, .biz and .org transfers require an authentication code when transferring domain to us. You can obtain an authentication code from your current registrar (where your domain is currently registered).
4. We cannot transfer domains that are less then 60 days olds. If you registered domain within the last 60 days, please wait until after 60 days before initiating a transfer process to us.
5. Make sure the current domain is not locked by the current registrar. Please contact your current registrar to make sure there are no holds or locks when transferring your domain.
6. Domain transfers will add 1 year onto your expiry date, so you don't loose any time you have paid for. There is one exception to these rule, i.e if the domain was recently reactivated from an expired state, you will not get a year added to the expire date.



If you have any questions on the above information, please feel free to email us at sales@asafad.com.my